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Technical Specification

The Radlett Centre Technical Specification Stage 


The Radlett Centre has an end on Proscenium arch stage with an optional orchestra pit or alternatively the pit can be filled with 6' x 4' sections of stage deck to make a thrust.
The Load-in is Stage Left. It is at ground level and leads straight on to stage from the car park. There are no steps.
Our prompt desk is situated down stage left, with paging to all of back stage and the control room. We also have a Mirror Ball and Rotator.
The stage surface is semi sprung wood painted black. Screwing & drilling into the stage and the use of gaffa tape on stage is allowed with permission.
Our fly floor is situated above the stage left wing. We have 6x hand winches, 3 of which are IWBs. Also 18x 4 line and 1x 2 line hemp bars. Working loads for hemp bars are 175kg and 300kg for winch bars.
The house tabs are Blue Velvet and are in a fixed position. They are controlled from a hand winch at stage level, Stage Left. The house border is also blue velvet, and is flown.
We have 2 sets of split blacks, 4 boarders and 4 pairs of legs.
The Back wall is painted white to be used as a cyclorama.

Stage Dimensions
Stage Depth 27' 6" 8.23m
Stage Width 27' 8.38m
Maximum Flying Height 29' 8" 9.10m
Proscenium Height 19' 5.80m
Proscenium Width 27' 8.23m
Height to House Border 13' 6" 4.17m
S.L. wing Height 7' 4" 2.27m
S.L. wing Width 5' 3" 1.62m
S.R. wing Height 16' 4" 5.00m
S.R. Wing Width 1' 9" 0.60m
Scene Dock Width 19' 6" 6.00m
Scene Dock Length 24' 6" 7.50m
Orchestra Pit Length 24' max / 6' min 1.83m
Orchestra pit width 12' max / 4' min 1.22m
Orchestra pit depth 1' 0.30m
Auditorium Width 49' 2" 15.00m
Auditorium Length 50' 2" 15.30m
Cyclorama Height 16' 4" 5.00m
IWB and Fly bar Width 32' 2" 9.80m
Auditorium Width 49' 2" 15.00m
Auditorium Width 49' 2" 15.00m
Auditorium Width 49' 2" 15.00m
Auditorium Width 49' 2" 15.00m
The Radlett Centre has a Strand 520i Lighting desk. Controlling 3x LD90 digital dimmers.
Lantern Stock
Lantern Power Quantity
Cantata Fresnel 6" 1200W 6
Selecon Fresnel 7" 1200W 12
Prelude Fresnel 6" 650W 10
Cantarta Profile 26/44 1200W 12
Cantarta Profile 18/32 1200W 16
Prelude Profile 650W 8
Parcans (cp62)/cp61 1000W 46
Coda 4 Floods 500W 4
Solo Follow Spot 2000W 2
Source 4 Profile 19 Degree 750W 2
FOH 24
On Stage flown IWBs 33
Dips on Stage 12
Independents 4

Stage Power 

13 amp sockets at all corners of the stage; 63 amp 3 phase up stage right; 32 amp single phase up stage left; 16 amp single phase up stage left;
Access to stage bars is by zarges or tallascope The advance and F.o.H 1 is via crawl truss

Equipment list
YAMAHA LS9 32 Channel Digital Sound Desk 1
Yamaha P4500 Power Amplifier 2
Yamaha P3500S Power Amplifier 1
Meyer UPA 2
Meyer UWA subs 2
Meyer (Delays) 3
Play Back
Denon DN-M1050R Mini Disk Recorder 2
Denon DN-770R Double Cassette Deck 1
Sony RCD-W100 Recordable CD Player 1
Teac CD Player 1
Fold Back
Meyer 2
Toa SL12 Wedge Monitor 2
YAMAHA AX12M Wedge Monitor 2
Mics etc.
Shure SM 58 4
Shure SM57 8
EMO Passive DI 3
MTR 3 Active DI 4
Crown PCC160 Boundary Mic 5
AKG 747 Condenser Mic 10
Shure SM Beta 58a 4
Sennheiser ME66 Shot Gun Mic 3
Sennheiser EW312 Lavalier UHF Radio Mics 11
Sennheiser SKM335 Hand Held UHF Radio Mics 2
Spirit Digital 324 Mixer 1
RAT Conductor (Lit) Music Stand 1
RAT (Lit) Music Stand 8
Mic Stands (black) 4
AKG D112 Kick Drum Mic 1
Mic Stands (silver) 6
Various cables


There is an intercom ring with a Tec pro MS721 master station with belt packs and single muff headsets. There is also a paging system to all dressing rooms which can be operated from the prompt desk (stage left) or the control room.

Back Stage 

Dressing Rooms 

There are 4 dressing rooms, Green room and kitchen.
Dressing room 1 (Male Changing)
4 persons
1x Shower
1x Sink
Dressing room 2 (Female Changing)
4 persons
1x Shower
3x Sink
Dressing room 3 (chorus)
7 persons
1x toilet
4x sink
Dressing room 4 (disabled access)
5 persons
4x sink
1x toilet


There is a microwave and kettle in the kitchen for your use. We have a washing machine, but unfortunately no dryer. We also have an iron and ironing board.

Technical Team
Our Technical Manager is Paul Foskett, and Deputy Technical Manager is Myles Robinson.

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